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transmitter EM-620-D


Model: EM-620-D


Broadband technology in the coverage from 1.6 to 30 MHz with instantaneous change of the working frequency and a resolution of 1 Hz.
Appropiate for military, civil and maritime communication use, either by boat or coast station.
Completely solid state. As it made with modular technology, it is easier to repair.

transmitter EM-620-D
Technical Data
Frequency range
1.6 to 30 MHz (1Hz resolution)
Output Power
2500 W ±1dB
ROE Tolerance
SDR Technology.
Voice over Ip (VoIP) or input line 600 ohms.
Local/Remote control by Ethernet or RS-232-C.
Communication in Telephony and data.
Memorizes up to 255 channels with all its parameters.
Modular construction easy to maintain.
Works with single-phased or three-phased (optional) power supplies.
Switching power supplies for high performance working.
Individual transmitter software control (TL-500-T).
Multiple transmitter software control (SC-516-A).
Exciter design completely digital.