equipment and systems communications
transmitter EM-605-R


Model: EM-605-R


Appropriate for military, civil and maritime communication use, either by boat or coast station.
Broadband technology in the coverage from 1,6 to 30 MHz with instantaneous change of the working frequency and a resolution of 1 Hz.
Completely solid state. As it made with modular technology, it is easier to repair.

transmitter EM-605-R
Technical Data
Frequency range
1.6 to 30 MHz (1 Hz resolution)
Output Power
500 W
SDR Technology.
Voice over Ip (VoIP) or input line 600 ohms.
Exciter design completely digital.
Telephone and data communication.
Memorizes up to 255 channels with all its parameters.
Modular construction easy to maintain.
Remote/Local control via Ethernet or RS-232-C.
ROE tolerance infinite.
Automatic operation with tuning unit.