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TR-650-A VHF Transceiver Control Software

Ref.: VHF-TR650A-SOF

The management and control of TR-650-A Digital VHF Transceiver unit is done by mean of a software program executed in a PC. This program present differents screen with the states and controls that are necessary for the complete handing of the unit.

The communications between the PC and the TR-650-A unit is done through a Serial Port RS232C type. When you want to establish a communication between units located remotely, it will be necessary to use modems and radiolinks that allow the exchange of RS232C communications between the PC and the remote unit.

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Software Features 

Control of 1 transceiver in Local/Remote mode.

Complete control of all functions of the transceiver.

Normal/Semi-Duplex operation mode.

State, operating channel and communications indicators.

Marine band channel list.

Mute Rf control, PTT, level squelch, squelch on/off, Rf power level.

Event register.