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software TL-500-T


Ref.: TL-500-T

The managing and control of several transmitters is done through a software program executed in a PC. This program offers the possibility, through its configuration, to govern one transmitter unit in local/remote mode.
Its shows different screens with the states and controls necessaries for the complete governing of them.

software TL-500-T software TL-500-T software TL-500-T
Software Features 

Control of 1 transmitter in Local/Remote mode.

Complete control of all the transmitter functions.

State, Frequency, Operating channel and Communications Indicators.

Memorizes up to 255 channels.

Measurements control: Line, Rf Exciter, Tx Incident Power, Reflected Power Excite.

Input control: Microphone, Line, Data, Keyer, I/Q Data.

Mode control: USB, LSB, H3E, J2A, A1A, F1B.

Mute Rf control, PTT, Tune, Rf test.

Events register.

Auxiliary functions: Quit, Power supply, Linear Amplifier Bypass, Amplifier Reset.