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software SW-VHF-S

VHF Communication Server Software

Ref.: (SW-VHF-S)

The VHF Communications System is basically formed by a Server where a software application is executed. This application manages and controls the different independent units; TR-450-A VHF Duplex Transceivers, TR-350-A VHF Simplex Transceivers, MT-200-B Audio Switch Matrices, IT-200-A Telephone Integrated units, etc. It is also formed by one or several Clients Operation Positions where the radio communication operations take place. This operations take place through a software application.

The Server handles each of the System units by means of an RX-232C Serial Port connection. When you want to stablish a communication with the unit located in remote positions, it will be necessary to use Modems and Radiolinks that allow the exchange of RS-232C between the Server and the corresponding units. On the other hand, the workstations, communicate with the Server through a Local Ethernet Network.

The Server provides the workstations the possibility of assigning VHF Transceiver units (Simplex and Duplex) to make different radiocommunication operations with such units.

Furthermore, the Server can keep VHF units to be used in other services or systems anothers than the VHF Communication System itself (for example, G.M.D.S.S.).

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