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software SW-VHF-C

VHF Operation Position Software

Ref.: (SW-VHF-C)

The workstation is part of a communication system run by a server that is in charge of controlling the different equipment that form the system. The link between the server and the workstation is made through the Ethernet network

The program can control up to a maximum of 8 telephone lines, 15 VHF Duplex equipment, 10 Simplex equipment and supervise the state of 8 Autolink equipment. At the same time, it allows communication only with one line, with one ship only or with both at the same time.

Due to its dynamism there can be, simultaneously, up to a maximum of 8 telephone integrations between the subscriber and the ship.

It has an independent time counter per line in the telephone integrations for its later rating. The counter has an automatic stop. It also has an alarm system to tell the operator, when told so. (Case of navigators warning). It also has record files of the operations and integrations made.

Communications between simplex and duplex equipment can be made. It can be connected in as many positions as allowed from the server.

Supervises the connection with the server and the Tx and Rx matrices. It allows Duplex-Relay communications. The receivers monitoring can be distributed in several speakers.

software SW-VHF-C
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