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software SW-NAV-3F

Navtex Transmissions Managing Software

Ref.: SW-NAV-3F

The Navtex transmissions manager allows keeping maintainance of the programmed transmissions of each coast. This can be configured, according to the needs, 518, 490 and 4209.5KHz.

The difference between the previous versions, once the Navtex has been created or modified, is that it is updated in the remote equipment (GX-400-A). This equipment is located in the transmitter station and therefore, although the communications between both equipments is interrupted, we ensure the Navtex transmission.

The communication with the remote equipment can be done, simultaneously, with up to three communication channels (Ethernet connection, Modem, GSM), ensuring therefore, that the information arrives to it's destiny. The state of such lines stay reflected by means of signallings in the communications panel.

During the transmissions, the Navtex manager receives from the transmitter centre the Navtex that are monitored in the remote receiver. This allows keeping a synchronization of the data with the remote equipment located in the transmitter station.

software SW-NAV-3F software SW-NAV-3F software SW-NAV-3F
Software Features 

Managing up to eight coast stations simultaneously.

Automatically programmed transmission in three frequencies.

Inmediate individual transmissions.

Remote Control of the INVELCO's transmitters.

Integration with external networks.

Complete Management of the Navtex programmed transmissions.

Display in real time of the progress of a transmission.

Monitoring of the Navtex in real time.

Complete configurable system.

SQL SERVER ralational data base.

Configures the parameters of the query to the data base.

Reports creation.

Configurable Backup device.

Message reception through network.

Main transmitter switch to reserve.

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