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software SW-NAV-2F

Navtex Transmission Managing Software

Ref.: SW-NAV-2F

The Navtex transmissions manager allows the maintainance of the programmed transmissions in 518KHz and 490KHz configuring them according to the needs.

As a difference from other versions, once a Navtex is modified or created, it is updated to a remote equipment located in a transmitter station. We, therefore, obtain Navtex transmissions even if the communication between both equipment is cut.

The communication with a remote equipment is done simultaneously through two communication lines (Ethernet and Modem connection), assuring the information arrives to its destiny. The state of such lines stays reflected by means of signalings in the main panel.

During the transmissions, the Navtex manager receives from the transmitter centre the Navtex monitoring in the remote receiver allowing therefore the maintenance of the data synchronization with the remote equipment located in the transmitter station.

software SW-NAV-2F software SW-NAV-2F software SW-NAV-2F software SW-NAV-2F software SW-NAV-2F
Software Features 

Programmed transmissions automatically.

Complete Navtex managing of the programmed transmissions.

Display in real time of the transmissions progress.

Monitoring of the Navtex in real time.

Completely configurable system.

SQL SERVER ralational data base.

Configures the parameters of the query to the data base.

Reports creation.

Configurable Backup device.

Message reception through network.

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