equipment and systems communications
software SW-GSM-FS

Management System and Maritime Security Data Transmission Software


Software for the management and control of SOS, emergencies, meteorology, navigators warnings, medical warnings, etc.

Solid interconnection of all organizations and infrastructures necessaries for the control and management of the maritime security.

Processing and sending of all the information generated by all the interventions related with the maritime security.

Interfaces for the integration with systems of fax, e-mail, Navtex, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (G.M.D.S.S.), Cartography.

software SW-GSM-FS software SW-GSM-FS software SW-GSM-FS
Software Features 

Developed with free software (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php, JavaScript).

Adapted to integrate different official organizations and operation positions.

Modular, flexible and configuring architecture.

Integrated with external communications (fax, e-mail, etc.).

Integration with systems of NAVTEX, AIS, AIS and CARTOGRAPHY.

Multiple types of information SOS, XXX, Nx, Wx, Medical Warnings, etc.

Users and data with independant access control.

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