equipment and systems communications
software SC-516-A

MF/HF Communications Server Software

Ref.: (SC-516-A)

This application manages and controls the different independent units (HF receivers, Digital HF Transmitters, CA-500-A Antenna Switch Matrices, MT-200-B Audio Switch Matrices, IT-200-A Telephone integrated units, etc.

It is also formed by one or several Clients Operation Positions where the radiocommunication operations take place. This operations take place through a software applications

The Server handles each of the System units by means of a RX-232C Serial Port connection. When you want to stablish a communication with the units located in remote positions, it will be necessary to use Modems, Data Lines, etc., that allow the exchange of RS-232C between the Server and the corresponding units. On the other hand, the workstations, communicate with the Server through a Local Ethernet Network.

The Server provides the workstations the possibility of creating MF/HF Transceivers groups formed by a MF/HF Receiver unit and a MF/HF Transmitter unit, both independent, to make different radiocommunication operations with such group.

Furthermore, the Server can keep MF/HF groups or unit to be used in other services or systems anothers than the MF/HF communications system itself (G.M.D.S.S., Navtex, RadioTelex, etc.).

software SC-516-A software SC-516-A software SC-516-A software SC-516-A software SC-516-A software SC-516-A