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modem MD-571-A


Model: MD-571-A

Data modem at high speed for HF. Designed for data communications on a radio or circuit of up to 4800 bauds.
It uses a channel of 7200 bps with modulation of 8 phases on a tune of 1800Hz.
A powerful data equalizer cuts off the interference produced by multiple routes and intersymbols. It uses convolutions correction codes (FEC), interleaving and Viterbl. Decoding is determined by software, speed between 75 and 2400 Bauds.

modem MD-571-A
Technical Data
Complete duplex and semiduplex.
Adaptive supression filter.
Complatible with norm STANAG 4285 y MIL STD 188-110A.
Allows 6.5 ms of multiple routes.
Allows fading of up to 25Hz.
Autorate and autointerleaving.
Data or preamble synchronism.
Synchronous or Asynchronous DTE interface.
ASCII remote control.

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