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Control Unit TM-100-A


Model: TM-100-A

Designed to control through modem from one local unit up to 6 Invelco's equipments. It has the possibility to extend in modules of 6 units.
As well as the control of equipments through RS-232-C, it can send 10 orders to the remote station or receive 10 alarms from that station.

Control Unit TM-100-A
Technical Data
It allows the control in a remote station from a RS-232 port to 6 RS-232 ports (1-6).
Speed control port to line modem 115.200 Bauds.
Speed of the 6 communication ports with other devices 19.200 Bauds.
FIFO writing and reading memory, independent in each port (1-6).
States visualization.
Power supply 220Vac ±20%, 50Hz and -48Vcc.
Temperature range -20°C to +70°C.
Relative humidity 95%.
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