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Control Unit DT-100-A


Model: DT-100-A

The tone discriminator DT-100-A, operates through a telephone line with the tone generator GT-302-A. It allows to decode internally tones sent by the generator, carrying out orders that cannot be sent by an ordinary remote-controller due to is retard in the execution (mute, on and off of equipments, reset of the remote-controllers, orders, etc.).

Control Unit DT-100-A
Technical Data
Audio Band
300 to 3000Hz
Line Impedance
600 Ohms
Level of Line Input
-30 to 0 dBm adjustables
Power Supply
220Vac, ±20%, 50/60Hz
Temperature Range
-20°C to +60°C
Tone discriminator for control of mutes, On/Off of equipments and alarms.
Communication through telephone line (2 wires).
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