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A.L.E. Control Unit AE-100-A


Model: AE-100-A

The AE-100-A control unit allows to adapt the HF transceivers or transmitters/receivers equipment to the adaptative protocols for A.L.E. (Automatic Link Establishment) communications techniques.

It allows to simplify and optimize the radiocommunications that use HF signals as a mean. Its work in real time allows to optimize the channel to be used with the intention of obtaining the better performance of the systems.

A.L.E. Control Unit AE-100-A A.L.E. Control Unit AE-100-A A.L.E. Control Unit AE-100-A
Technical Data
Compatible with standards: FED-STD-1045 and MIL-STD-188-141-A.
Scanning frequency.
Selective call.
Link quality Analysis.
Channel Sounding.
HF transceiver managing, control and governing.
Remote control through RS-232-C.
Inputs/Outputs 600 Ohms impedance.
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