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Antenna AV-138-A

138-174MHZ 150W ANTENNA

Model: AV-138-A

This antenna of very easy installation is the ideal complement for fixed radiocommunication equipment that uses the VHF band.
The absence of mobile tuning elements or of communication, insure that the tuning in time before a frequency exchange is null, what allows to assure that this antenna is the better solution for systems of type scaner or A.L.E. in those which is of vital importance, the absence of tuning in times.

Antenna AV-138-A
Technical Data
Optimum efficiency in all the band.
Encapsulated in high resistance fiber glass.
Support of great hardiness and easy installation.
Maximum reliability and duration.
Radiant element to land for transceiver protection.
Null tunning in time.
Resistant to winds higher to 150 Km/h.
Maximum operating power 150W.
R.O.E. <= 1.5.

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