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Antenna AT-353-A

1.6 - 30MHZ ANTENNA (35 FEETS)

Model: AT-353-A

This antennas is designed for communication applications in the range from 1.6 to 30 MHz, for its use in maritime coast stations, aviation communications as well as all type of communications in telegraphy, telephone, etc., in the range of the HF.

The antenna model AT-353-A is made of fiberglass and installed self-supported with no struts, obtaining high performances in wind resistance and adverse climatological. The antenna must be executed in its installation with a good ground to obtain better efficiency.

The antenna supports itself by five stainless steel studs fited in a concrete base or other anchorage capable of supporting the weight of the antenna (17.7Kg) and the weight originated by the wind on the antenna.

Antenna AT-353-A
Technical Data
Frequency Range
1.6 to 30MHz
1 Kw
Operating Temperature
-50°C to +65°C
Insulation Voltage
25 Kv
Wind Resistance
161 Km/h
35 feets (10.7 meters)
17.7 Kg
High efficiency.
Very low cost of installation.
Very low cost of maintenance.
Material fiberglass.
Internal reforced radiant system.
Automatic operation with tunning unit Sunair CU-9150H.

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