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Antenna AT-110-A


Model: AT-110-A

This antenna, easy to install, is the ideal complement for fixed radiocommunication equipments that use HF band in discrete jumps.

The absence of mobile or switching tune elements guarantee that the tune time under a frequency change is null, therefore assures that this antenna is the best solution for systems of scanner or A.L.E. type in which the absence of tune times is of vital importance.

Antenna AT-110-A
Technical Data
Suitable for NVIS communications.
Complete coverage of the HF band.
No need of antenna coupler.
Null tune time.
Low weight.
Resistance to winds higher than 150 Km/h.
Three types of handling according to the needs.
Maximum operating power higher than 100W.

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Antenna AT-110-A (English)
Antena AT-110-A (Español)
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