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Commutation MT-200-B


Model: MT-200-B

The MT-200-B audio commutation matrix allows to commute 32 audio inputs to 32 outputs, completely controlled by a RS-232-C.
The commutation is done by solid state circuits, not using mechanical elements to carry out the commutation (relays). It has the capacity of memorization of audio connections in 4 independent memory banks.

Audio Commutation MT-2100-B
Technical Data
Audio commutation of 32 inputs / 32 outputs.
Memorization of connections in 4 independent memory banks.
Multiple inputs can be added to one output.
Distribution of one input to multiple outputs.
Multiple commutation possibilities.
Power Supply 115/220 Vac 40-60 Hz.
Remote control by RS-232-C.
Input / Output, Impedance of 600 Ohms.
Modular fabrication and easy maintenance.
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