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Integrator FA-424-A


Model: FA-424-A

The FA-424-A Power Supply is ready to work with INVELCO transceivers of TR series. It allows the connection of the transceivers to 220Vac networks. The power supply has a 12Vcc permanent voltage output which switches on remotely producing voltages of 12Vcc and 28Vcc.

Integrator FA-424-A
Technical Data
Power Supply
220Vac ±10%
Working Frequency
50/60 Hz
Output Voltage
+12Vcc (permanent); +28Vcc
Output Current
+12 Vcc 7.50 A; +28 Vcc 13.40 A.
Size Rack
19" 2U
10 Kg
Led diode frontal indicators.
Protected against fuse, temperature and short-circuit.