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Rx Antenna CA-800-A


Model: CA-800-A

8 anntenas switching to 8 receivers for RF signals from 0 to 30MHz.
Remote operation by means of serial port.
This equipment allows to assign antenna (8 antennas), to one or several receivers simultaneously (8 receivers)

Rx Antenna CA-800-A
Technical Data
Remote operation by means of RS-232-C port.
Switching state frontal indicators.
Designed for operating in intense radiofrequency fields.
Switching to 8 antennas to 8 receivers.
Operation frequency from 0 to 30 MHz.
Power supply 220Vac ±10%, 50Hz.
Operation temperature range -30°C to +85°C.
Maximum signal level +40dB.
Impedance 50 Ohms.
Memorazing of the last state. In case of failure, it retrieves the state it which it got disconnected.
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